About Us

“Collective Excellence in Water Treatment”

Associated Laboratories is an alliance of Water Treatment companies working together to improve the strengths of our individual companies through our Association.

AL member companies meet regularly sharing information including product and service offerings as well as new technologies, applications and regulations in the marketplace. Also, strategic business information is shared and learned through member companies as well as guest speakers and key suppliers in the industry.

Together we strengthen our companies – and as a result – our customer relationships.

AL members are strategically located throughout the United States, Canada and Ireland.

Together we offer our customers a full and complete line of Water Treatment Products and Services through our alliance:

  • 9 associate members
  • $X million in combined sales
  • 150+ total employees
  • 9 administrative and full service sales locations
  • 9 manufacturing and distribution warehouse facilities
  • 6 full service laboratories and research and development facilities